Research & Development

Groenz believes passionately in providing excellence in all areas of its business. None more so than within its products and manufacturing processes. The key drivers to creating all products are ‘authenticity, accuracy and assurance’.

Authenticity in producing the correct taste profiles, textures and appearances for our customers’ and own brands.

Accuracy in developing value-based tailored products to customers’ specific recipes, each time, every time, on time and on budget.

Assurance that all our products meet stringent development and production standards, carried out at our Wellington manufacturing base.

These capabilities are housed in the Groenz Technical and Operations teams, whose core competencies straddle the varying but essential specialist areas required within successful food manufacturing today. Their end goal is to develop true and innovative products for the professional catering, food service and retail industries, contributing to enhancing the taste and quality of meals right across these sectors. Through the intelligent selection of raw materials and rigorous testing of recipes the team can confidently present products that stand up to the most critical customers – executive chefs and the consumer.

The confidence in Groenz products is enhanced by the Groenz Executive Chef’s Council regular product reviews.

The Groenz Executive Chefs’ Council was established in 2005. The company invited five chefs from around New Zealand and Australia, headed up by international chef Stephan Baumberger:

“We assess the products on two factors: appearance and taste. We want to see that the colour and the texture of the product will look good on a plate. Most importantly, we assessed the taste – whether it is true to taste and how it would work with other products.”

The Council is a great opportunity for chefs because it provides a constant opportunity to be part of the development of new products and predict new trends.

“It’s a collaborative process so we would get a lot of different ideas about what the chef’s were looking for and where we need to head in the future,” says Rob Groen, Innovations Manager.

“Groenz products are convenient, cost effective and easy to use. What’s great for chefs is that you can take them as a base product and add your own touch to make it your own. But because they don’t look like a convenience product they’re also great to be used on their own,” says Stephan Baumberger.

Groenz continues to develop an exciting capability in delivering excellence through ongoing product development and innovation, responding to the increasing demands of food manufacturing across Australasia. This enables us to quickly respond to customers’ requirements, whether they are short, low-volume runs for specialist caterers or high-volume runs for retail clients.

Total systems integration enables a seamless processing and production of all products, from development to manufacture: accurately, with total assurance and authenticity.

The experienced Groenz Research & Development Team is headed up and supported by a wealth of experts including:

  • Rob Groen
  • The Executive Chef’s Council