Maarten Groen founder, executive chef and product developer

Arriving from Holland in 1957, 20 year-old Maarten Groen came to New Zealand.  He never imagined that nearly 50 years later he would be the patriarch of a multi-million dollar sauce and condiment manufacturing company. Read More....

Groenz has its headquarters and manufacturing plant in Seaview, Wellington, New Zealand. 

Situated over a 3,250 square meter site housing manufacturing, warehousing, new product development and test kitchen as well as sales, marketing and administration offices.

The factory, designed and project managed by one of New Zealand’s leading project management and engineering companies, enables Groenz to produce small and high volume runs. 

Flexibility has been a foundation stone in the Groenz value set, enabling it to support small and large food manufacturers as well as produce its own branded lines for the food service industry.   

The company operates 24 hours a day, producing in excess of 165 variants at any one time across its three brands – French Maid, Kiwi Style & In-House Systems

Investment in the latest cooking and food processing technology enables Groenz to continue to develop new sauces and condiments.  Driven by a belief in creating truly authentic flavours, Groenz has maintained a reputation in the business for being able to invent and create great tasting products for a wide portfolio of brand and customers across QSR and customers’ house brands as well as its own French Maid, Kiwi Style and In-House Systems ranges. 

With a multi-packaging capability for packing sauces, condiments and powders Groenz can finish its products in a number of pack forms and sizes to suit a comprehensive range of dry and wet food presentations.  Its R&D department continues to explore new pack solutions for the food service and associated trades.

From its Wellington site, Groenz employs over 55 people in technical, manufacturing, and administration roles. Additionally there is a 12-strong sales team across New Zealand and Australia.